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Audio Solutions

Midwest Computer Products, Inc. understands that "audio" means different things to different people. Midwest Computer Products, Inc.covers the bases with audio solutions form leading manufacturers. From speakers and sound systems to voice amplification and more, MCP has the right selection of audio products for your room. Allow MCP to work with you to design the audio environment right for your needs.



Room Audio: MCP can assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of your next meeting. With a large selection of conference solutions from Media Vision USA, you can enhance the audio of participants with wired and wireless products . Additional capabilities include electronic voting, automatic video tracking, and simultaneous streaming and recording of meeting events. With push-to-talk (PTT), request-to-speak, as well as voice-activated capabilities, systems feature built in loudspeakers and outputs for a host of content distribution alternatives for the user. A total conferencing solution.  

Speakers and Sound Systems: MCP can deliver a sound experience appropriate to your space. Our sound system experts take into consideration the sound type, location, room environment, room capacity, and other factors affecting sound quality and amplification, to formulate the best solution. Aligned with industry leading manufacturers such as JBL, Crown, Shure, Sound Tube, Cetacea Sound, and others, MCP can install speakers and sound systems tailored to your needs.

Voice Amplification: MCP has helped numerous schools with voice amplification products to increase teacher-student interaction. Clear audio quality may enhance a child’s ability to learn and could mean a more engaging and active classroom experience. MCP is aligned with industry leading solutions from FrontRow and TeachLogic for voice amplification. Allow MCP to assist with determining the correct solution for your unique classroom environment.


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